Life Psychology is developed by Professor Preben Bertelsen from University of Aarhus, and it helps young people ’get a good enough grip’ on life.

The approach supports young people in working with both smaller and larger goals in life, among other things to help keep them active in the job market or in education.

Life Psychology is an effective but ­sometimes complex approach. To translate the approach into a lan­guage and a platform, young people ­understands and wishes to use, an app has been developed in collaboration with Preben Bertelsen, the City of Aarhus and a local ICT-design company. It translates the complex methodical approach to a user friendly digital design: TUUNO®.

TUUNO® is based on the perspective of the individual youth, introducing the ­different elements of Life Psychology step by step, in an accessible, intuitive and motivating design. TUUNO® is a collaboration and dialogue tool that the professional and a young person can use in their work together but also as individuals.

TUUNO® version 1.0 was fully developed in August 2017.