Development is one of four units comprising the central staff of the Department of Social Services. We have app. 18 employees with specialties in fields such as consultancy services, project management, implementation support, evaluation, recovery orientation, volunteer work, and graphics and visual support.

The educational backgrounds of our staff include Master in Political Science, Professional Master in Evaluation, Ph.D. in Political Science, Social Education Worker, Master in Public Health and many more. As such our staff covers a wide range of backgrounds, knowledge and experience 

Our main focus is to provide professional support at a high pace in order to keep up with the political wishes and demands for continuous development in the social services provided by the department.

We aim to keep our qualifications and knowledge up to date through widespread national and international cooperation with partners and colleagues in the field of social work. We must be current and up to date as to what the most recent developments in our field are. To do so we participate in international conferences such as the European Social Network (ESN), we collaborate with partners in the Nordic countries as well as the U.S. and we work closely with volunteers and social service users.

To get in touch with the Development Unit, please contact Ms Mette Svarre, Head of Development Unit, by either e-mail ( or telephone +45 51 57 61 26. Mette will be happy to reply to written enquiries in Danish, English or German but please allow a couple of days’ response time.